Black Hawaiian Sheep


The Black Hawaiian Sheep, also known as the Black Corsican, is a cross between a European Mouflon and a domestic Barbados Sheep. Available for hunting year-round and originating in Texas, they are solid black with coarse hair and a wooly undercoat. Males usually have a 3-8 inch mane on the lower neck, along with horns. They can weigh up to 150 pounds. Females weigh up to 100 pounds. Black Hawaiian Sheep are grazers and eat grass and forbs. Rolling country-side with grassy stretches are ideal for these animals, and they require daily water supply in warm weather. Males are very aggressive toward each other, and all Black Hawaiians are gregarious in nature. They breed between August and September and have a 5-month gestation period.

License requirements for Texas residents: Resident Hunting License requirements for non-Texas residents: Non-Resident 5-day Special Hunting, or Non-Resident Special Hunting