Axis Deer

Aoudad Sheep

Trophy Game Records of the World Scoring Parameters

Bronze 309.9 & lower
Silver 310.0 - 329.9
Gold 330.0 & higher

The Axis deer is commonly known as the most beautiful deer in the world. Available to hunt year-round and native to India, they are chestnut brown with white spots and a large white throat patch. The bucks grow long antlers, usually with three points per side. A large male will weigh 250 pounds, while a female will weigh around 100 pounds. Being from a tropical climate with no noticeable winters, Axis deer evolved to grow antlers and breed during any month of the year. Most axis bucks are in their hard antlers during the summer.

License requirements for Texas residents: Resident Hunting. License requirements for non-Texas residents: Non-Resident 5-day Special Hunting, or Non-Resident Special Hunting